My current pieces center primarily around acute and generalized anxiety conveying the height of the utter moments of panic, the breaking points. Rather than depict my personal visage or show downtrodden imagery of individuals at their lowest, I take a less direct route. I draw parallels between human and animal stresses, thus confronting anxiety on a larger more naturalistic scale.  The horse is a beast of burden, driven past the point of respectful utility it’s stress manifests itself into a voiceless exhausted vulnerability more noticeable than any humans. Alternatively my use of the cetacean (primarily the whale) denotes a break from the exhaustion The cetacean in it’s natural environment is capable of amazing feats yet on land it is simply dead. The cetacean declares a freedom in the niche environment, a break from the alienating effects of anxiety.  My use of the etching medium represents the exhaustion of anxiety with exhausting maniacal mark making, detailing each and every intense effect.

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